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White Papers

White Papers are specially tailored research literature reviews that coincide with our Partnership Meeting themes.

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Corporate Social Responsibility:  Implications for Human Resources and Talent Engagement Over the past few decades, organizations have become more proactive in embedding corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives within their operational and human capital frameworks. 

CAHRS Research Assistants Winnie Kwan and Emily Tuuk have been conducting research to understand the impact of CSR on talent recruitment and retention strategies.

SUMMARY: This research study has shed light on Generation Y talent's concerns surrounding CSR in the context of a company's employee value proposition. It has also given insight into what current practices look like in today's organizations as well as upcoming areas of opportunity. Moving forward, it is important to maintain a sharp focus on the broader picture of how CSR impacts society and markets. Organizations need to enable HR to serve as a steward of human assets within their operational frameworks. To enact real change within global communities, organizations will need to strengthen HR's capacity to help employees become more proactive and integrated into their cultures of responsible leadership.