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HR Leadership Podcast Series

How can busy human resource professionals get access to leading human resource thinkers in today’s fast paced and cost-conscious environment? While standard week long face to face executive education programs are ideal, they are expensive both in terms of time and money, thus limiting how many people a firm can afford to develop in this way. Teleconferences and webcasts are nice, but they require participants to be close to a phone or computer at a certain time, and they usually cost money. To help CAHRS partner firms provide broad-based development to their human resource professionals at absolutely no cost, the new CAHRS HR Leadership Podcast Series will offer 45-60 minute interviews with accomplished senior HR executives who can share their wisdom and experience in a medium unconstrained by time or geography.

Featured Audio Interview

Howard Behar, Retired Director and former President, Starbucks International

Starbucks logoHear Howard describe his leadership principles and his recommendations for HR professionals in this edition of the CAHRS HR Leadership Podcast. July 10, 2009

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Lynn Tetrault, Senior Vice President of HR for AstraZeneca

AtraZeneca logoHear Lynn Tetrault, SVP of HR describe the challenges of leading the HR function at AstraZeneca, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. May 28, 2009

John Hofmeister, Chief Executive Officer of Citizens for Affordable Energy

serviceMaster logoHe was the CHRO at Shell, then the President of Shell Oil, and is now the founder and CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy. Hear John Hofmeister talk about moving from HR to a line position and the future of the energy industry. Dec 24, 2008

C. William Pollard, Chairman and CEO of ServiceMaster Company

serviceMaster logoWhile Chairman and CEO of ServiceMaster Company, C. William Pollard led one of the most ethical and most admired companies. Hear him share his thoughts on what it takes to build ethical leadership in today's trying times. Jan 6, 2009

Ken Carrig, Chief Administrative Officer of Sysco Corporation

sysco logoHe led HR through Continental Airlines turnaround, and now he leads HR through Sysco's tremendous growth. Hear Ken Carrig, Chief Administrative Officer of Sysco Corporation talk about leading HR through very different business conditions. June 18, 2008

Patrick Wright, William J. Conaty GE Professor of Strategic HR and CAHRS Director

CAHRS logo eeece7Everybody is talking today about HR Leadership, but what is it? Hear Patrick Wright describe what constitutes HR Leadership based on the past 3 years of CAHRS research on the CHRO role. Mar 5, 2008

Hugh Mitchell, Royal Dutch Shell

Shell logoHugh Mitchell took over as the Chief Human Resource Officer at Royal Dutch Shell following the resolution of their reserves crisis. Hear him talk about his role in transforming Shell into a CEO structure, and how HR's functional accountability is driving changes in this Anglo-Dutch company. Nov 29, 2007

L. Kevin Cox, American Express

American Express logoHe took over human resources for American Express, a company with over 65,000 employees, and has led human resources while it built the company's organizational capability and engagement culture. Hear L. Kevin Cox, Executive Vice President of Human Resources for American Express, tell how he and his team did it in the latest CAHRS podcast. Dec 16, 2007


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