Workplace Health and Safety

Photo: Workplace Health and Safety Workshop

Scientific and Technical Expertise Applied to the Work Environment

Today’s managers recognize the value of establishing a secure, healthy work environment.

By applying scientific and technical information and awareness to workplace policies, procedures, processes and products, organizations can yield a safer work atmosphere.

The result is a more productive, satisfied and fiscally sound organization.

ILR’s Workplace Health and Safety program was established to advance knowledge and heighten responsiveness to workplace issues and environmental concerns. Expert workplace health and safety faculty develop programs focusing on:

  • Health and safety issues involving regulatory compliance, worker rights and OSHA
  • Technically-based training and technical assistance services
  • Public courses and workshops
  • On-site courses and workshops
  • Certifications
  • Train-the-trainer initiatives

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Who will Benefit?

Our health and safety workshops offer practical skills and strategies in a supportive learning environment allowing working people from all occupations and educational backgrounds (previous college experience is not required) to participate. Students range from the older adult with a great deal of work experience to young adults not long out of high school in both public and private sector jobs that may include: general workforce, health and safety professionals, managers, individuals and companies. We assist those responsible for safety and health compliance in managing risks and preventing and reducing injuries and illnesses to remain current on occupational safety and health standards. All renovators, home inspectors, maintenance personnel, State and health department employees, union officers, shop stewards, committee people, union staff, college students – and more!

College Credit or Certificates Earned

These programs can be taken individually for enrichment or job-specific training. Students completing any of our course offerings certified by the Environmental Protection Agency will receive certification; some programs earn college credit.

Customized Training

We can deliver programs carefully designed to address the specific needs and characteristics of your organization. Call us now to obtain more information!

Specialty Services