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BBS Research Team

Sally Klingel
Director of Labor-Management Programs, Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolultion

Sally Klingel is a senior researcher in CeRI. She is the director of labor-management programs for the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution in the ILR School at Cornell University. Sally specializes in the design and implementation of collaborative conflict and negotiation processes in public and private sector workplaces, state and local government entities, and not-for-profit organizations. She received her Master's from Cornell University.

Martin F. Scheinman Professor of Conflict Resolution, ILR School

Alexander Colvin is the Martin F. Scheinman Professor of Conflict Resolution at the ILR School at Cornell University and an associate member of the Cornell Law Faculty. His research and teaching focuses on employment dispute resolution, with a particular emphasis on procedures in nonunion workplaces and the impact of the legal environment on organizations. Prof. Colvin received his J.D. in 1992 from the University of Toronto and his Ph.D. in 1999 from Cornell University. He received the 2003 Outstanding Young Scholar Award from the Industrial Relations Research Association (IRRA) and the 2000 Best Dissertation Award from the IRRA.

Student Team

Honore Johnson, '16

Abigail Frey, '16

Simon Boehme, '14

Student Team Alums

Micaela Lipman, '15

Molly Beckhardt, '14

Alexandra Reinhardt, '14

Shane Seppinni, '13

Susanne Donovan, '13

Jenna Dorfman-Tandlich, '12

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