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Bargaining for Better Schools

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Project Components

The components of this project include:

A comprehensive study of teacher union contracts and performance appraisal appeals practices and policies in New York State public and   charter schools.     

A series of education employment policy briefs, written by student/faculty teams, designed to provide accessible information to the public and to education leaders from our research on critical questions in education policy as it relates to labor and employment practices.  

An on-line, interactive data base of school employment practices that will become part of Cornell's NYS Center for Rural Schools Integrated Data System which provides user-friendly financial, demographic,  and performance  information tools on New York State local school districts.   

An education employment relations public policy  roundtable sponsored by the ILR School for education leaders and policy makers to engage with students, faculty, and citizens in informed discussion on the effectiveness of new labor relations practices for improving education in New York State.