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Alumni Association

621 Ives Hall, 607-255-6623

ILR Alumni Association Board of Directors

The success of the ILR Alumni Association hinges on volunteers and their commitment to the School’s mission. In addition to helping ILR succeed, board members find their efforts as well as their connections (to the School—including faculty, staff and students—and to each other) are personally rewarding.


Represent the ILR Alumni Association through contact with alumni, parents, students, staff, and friends of the School by providing service to the School, its alumni and its students through outreach and membership.


  • Be knowledgeable and conversant about ILR. Be informed about current programs, initiatives and priorities. (Admissions, academics, development, outreach, etc.)
  • Support ILR events in your area with your attendance. Get involved with your local chapter—help the chapter chair(s) if you can.
  • Encourage Alumni Association membership and attendance on the part of others with your commitment, enthusiasm, energy and new ideas.
  • Assist with ILR Alumni Association leadership through service on special committees.
  • Attending ILR's awards dinner, Groat/Alpern, is encouraged.
  • Consider getting involved with CAAAN.
  • Consider taking a WISP or FEX in your organization if possible.
  • Consider participating with ILR’s mentoring initiatives for current students and or young alumni.

Time Commitment

  • Regular terms are for three years.
  • 3-4 four-hour board meetings are held each year. (10-12 hours per year, max.)
  • The ILRAA dues campaign requires a few hours (2-5) each fall for personal solicitations to non-members.
  • Event attendance can be as little as a few hours; it can also be significant, depending on your personal preference and interest. (There are numerous events, especially in the metro NYC and our other more active areas.)
  • Groat Alpern is an annual 3-hour dinner event scheduled in March or April.
  • Other leadership/committee responsibilities can take from 5-20 hours per year.
  • The time commitment to you/your organization for a WISP or a FEX varies. Please contact ILR's Office of Career Services for additional information.


Staff support for the ILR Alumni Association is provided by Sue Sappington, ILR Alumni Affairs, located at 621 Ives Hall on Campus.