• Host internships
  • Recruit graduating seniors
  • Give guest lectures
  • Share career insights

Get Involved

Help expand ILR's reach by hosting ILR student interns, recruiting graduating seniors, guest lecturing in courses, sharing career insights as panelists, hosting alumni networking events.

  • Designate your donation
  • Make ILR International
  • Sustain excellence
  • Prepare students

Support ILR

Advance ILR by designating your donation to a specific initiative; help ILR attract the brightest students, sustain excellence, and ensure students are prepared for the global world of work.

  • Makes a difference
  • Removes employment barriers
  • Offers research experience
  • Transforms lives

Your Impact

ILR Alumni make all the difference. They help internationalize ILR, remove barriers to employment, help students gain valuable research experience, and even transform a city.

Whether pursuing a traditional ILR career or another path, the mission of the ILR School - "Advancing the World of Work" - touches all of the alumni. You help expand ILR's reach through your diverse careers. As ambassadors, you are telling the world about the ILR School every day.

ILR Alumni Affairs

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