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Please join Cornell University in the "Far Above..." campaign today. We need your help!

Did You Know?

  • Cornell's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.
  • Corporate matching gifts count as coming from you and are a powerful way to double your giving to ILR. If your firm has a matching gift program, please ask your HR director for the right form and send it today. If you are the HR director, please consider designing a corporate matching gift program at your firm!
  • Contract colleges at Cornell need your support. Without access to Cornell's endowment, and in an era of steadily shrinking support from New York state, the contract colleges (or "statutory colleges") at Cornell rely on support from alumni and friends.
  • Your gift to ILR counts as a gift to Cornell University and is added to University annual totals for fund-raising, including reunion class totals for those class years.
  • Your gift to ILR can make you a member of Cornell's Giving Societies.

How to Make A Gift

*For information on trusts, bequests, or any giving options contact Christopher Crooker, Executive Director ILR Alumni Affairs and Development at, (607) 255-5827

Cornell Fund Pledge Card

When you receive your Annual Cornell Fund Pledge Card, check the ILR box on your card as highlighted below!



Cash is the simplest, most direct and most popular type of charitable gift. A gift of cash is considered made on the date it is hand-delivered or mailed, and because of the charitable deduction, the net cost to a donor can be much less than the actual amount of the gift.


Popular alternatives to cash are gifts of appreciated property, such as securities. Such gifts generate a double tax benefit. In addition to receiving on income tax charitable deduction for the true market value of the property, the donor escapes any potential tax on the capital-gain element in the gifted property.

Note: To qualify for this double tax benefit, the property
must have been held for more than one year.

Credit Card

A quick and easy way to make a gift is to place it on your credit card, like a cash gift, it is considered made on the date it is submitted on-line or hand-delivered or mailed.

Contact Christopher Crooker, Executive Director ILR Alumni Affairs and Development at, (607) 255-5827