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ILR Recent Alumni Holiday Party - NYC Attendees

MercBar, SOHO, 151 Mercer St., NYC - December 15, 2011

As of 7/22/2014 at 5:28 AM, the following people are planning to attend this event:

Matthew Ackerson, Class of 2009

Michael Annunziata, Class of 2011
Legal Analyst
Soros Fund Management LLC

Emily Barber, Class of 2010
HRIS Analyst
BNP Paribas

Evan Barouh, Class of 1982
Senior Trial Attorney
U.S. Department of Labor

Richard Berkowitz, Class of 1982
Director, Pacific Coast Operations
Transportation Institute

Miranda Blanco, Class of 2011
Human Capital Analyst
Deloitte Consulting

Aviva Bortniker, Class of 2009

Shira Bortniker

Caleb Chao, Class of 2010

Kelly Clark, Class of 2008

Erica Coren, Class of 2010

Garrett Deutsch, Class of 2011
Morgan Stanley

Lindsey Fielding, Class of 2011

Daniel Fuerst, Class of 2010
Law Clerk

Vlad Gogish, Class of 2007

Michael Greene, Class of 2009
Labor Relations Analyst
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Alexandra Grossbaum, Class of 2011

Matt Grosshans, Class of 2011

Cassie HItchner, Class of 2009

Victoria Hooker, Class of 2011
HR Managing Associate
Guests Brian Farrell Class: 2011 Program: Masters in Real Estate

Jason Jendrewski, Class of 2005
Labor Relations Trial Examiner
New York City Office of Collective Bargaining

Jessica Kleiner, Class of 2010

Elyssa Koeppel, Class of 2006
United States Department of Labor

Avery Kovler

Samantha LaFirst, Class of 2010
Project Manager
Hudson Medical Communications

Stratos Lambos, Class of 2008
Goldman Sachs

Ryan Lavin, Class of 2009
Goldman Sachs

Heather Levy, Class of 2010

Ashley Louise, Class of 2010

Mohammad Malik, Class of 2007

Katelyn McClellan, Class of 2008

Debbie McElligott, Class of 2010

Greg Meyer, Class of 2006
Energy Efficiency Consultant
Willdan Energy Solutions

Carla Mezic, Class of 2009

Donna Mordente, Class of 2010

Danielle Moss, Class of 2008
Assistant District Attorney
Kings County District Attorney's Office

Nancy Moy, Class of 2010
Deutsche Bank

Joanna Munoz, Class of 2009
Program Coordinator
Futures and Options

Amma Osei, Class of 2011
HR Consultant
Bank of America

Christina Papadopoulos, Class of 2009

Eric Pearson, Class of 2010
Energy Management Consultant
TLR Energy

Joel Posner, Class of 2010
Investment Banking Analyst

Chris Repole, Class of 2006
Staff Counsel

Catherine Riley, Class of 2011
Law Student
NYU School of Law

Kate Roche, Class of 2010
HR Associate
Young & Rubicam Group

Mallory Salinger, Class of 2008
HR Advisor
Deutsche Bank

Marijke Schouten, Class of 2010

Willie Smalls, Class of 2008
Risk Management Solutions

Kelly Tachdjian, Class of 2008

Josh Tamaroff, Class of 2007
Avista Capital Partners

Evan Tyner
MBA Candidate
Columbia Business School

Donna Wankmueller, Class of 2005
Guests Richard Galati, ILR '06

Jonathan Yip, Class of 2011
American Airlines

Total: 74
The list above may not include all registrants.