Alumni Chapters

ILR Alumni Association Chapters offer alumni a local mechanism for "staying in touch" with fellow alumni, the School and the national Association. Chapters are intended to connect alumni and friends to the School and to assist in building the membership of the Association, usually through sponsoring local events, both social and educational. The role of the local Chapter is to complement, not to compete with, other School and / or national Association activities and events.

Chapters Chairs

Albany                  Vacant

Boston                   Michael Clarkson ’89

                              Kathy Baron MS ‘85

Buffalo                   Harvey Sanders ‘86

                              Helaine Sanders ‘87

Chicago                  Rob Bernstein ‘91

Cleveland               Michael Wagner ‘86

Ithaca                     Michael Esposito MILR ‘03

Long Island            Stacey Bastone ’02

                              Roger Kaplan ’63

Los Angeles            Mark Theodore ‘87

New Jersey             Ellen Dember ’76

                             Amber Gilbert ’96

NYC                       Carolyn Richmond ’91

                             Rick Lustig ’81

Philadelphia          Rich Lovely ’81

Rochester             Vacant

San Francisco        Paul Garrison ‘86

South Florida        Allan Weitzman ‘70

Southwest             Richard Fincher ’73

Washington, DC    Krishna Collie ’96

Westchester           Marion Zinman ‘62

                              Lisa Hunter ‘77