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Alumni Affairs and Development

621 Ives Hall, 607-255-6623

Who We Are

Alumni Affairs and Development

ILR's Alumni Affairs & Development's operation is all about increasing participation. Our goal is to provide you, our alumni and friends, with easy, relevant avenues of involvement that allow you to stay connected and participate in the life of the School.

We serve as a liaison between the School and alumni, parents, and friends of ILR to:

  • keep alumni informed and connected with the School;
  • provide opportunities for alumni to meet and network with each other;
  • bring faculty to alumni and practitioners in the field to talk about their research;
  • build support for the School and its faculty, students, and programs;
  • increase visibility of the ILR School and its initiatives.

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ILR Alumni Team
Christopher Crooker (center in photo)
Assistant Dean of ILR Alumni Affairs & Development
309 Ives Hall

Chris Wais (right in photo)
Assistant Director of ILR Alumni Affairs & Development
621 Ives Hall

Sue Sappington (left in photo)
Project Assistant, ILR Alumni Affairs & Development
621 Ives Hall