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March 4 2011

March 21 Premiere

Kheel resources contribute to research that helped solve mystery

Courtesy International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union Archives, Kheel Center. An April 5, 1911, funeral procession for unidentified victims of the fire drew over 120,000 people who walked in the procession and another 300,000 lined the streets to pay their respects.The Triangle Factory Fire, which shocked the nation and prompted the overhaul of New York state's labor code, claimed the lives of 146 workers.

Independent researcher Michael Hirsch discovered the identities of the final six victims through extensive research, including resources at ILR's Kheel Center, the world's foremost repository of information about the Triangle Factory Fire.

A documentary about the victims, Hirsch's work and the legacy of the fire will be featured in "Triangle: Remembering the Fire," an HBO documentary premiering March 21.

"Michael Hirsch's discovery honors the memory of the victims, who perished in a senseless tragedy," said Patrizia Sione, interim director of the Kheel Center.

The Kheel Center commemorates the 100th anniversary of the tragedy with a new website about the victims, the legacy of the tragedy and information for researchers.

The site -- -- includes photos and biographies of six victims who were unidentified for nearly a century. They are:

  • Josephine Cammarata, 17, who was engaged to be married on Easter Sunday;
  • Dora Evans, 18, a Russian immigrant;
  • Max Florin, 23, a Russian immigrant said to be engaged to a cousin of Triangle owner Max Blanck;
  • Maria Lauletti, 33, a mother survived by five children;
  • Concetta Prestifilippo, 22, cousin of Cammarata, and
  • Fannie Rosen, 21, who had been in the country for six months and had worked at the Triangle factory for two days.

An archive dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of information about the history of labor and management, the Kheel Center stewards many original documents and secondary sources on the Triangle Fire. The Kheel Center is part of the Martin P. Catherwood Library at the ILR School.

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