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November 2011

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    Rewarding work

    Economist Jenny Ho MPA '10 discusses her union career with students at ILR's Annual Labor Roundtable.

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    Large and in charge

    Research by Jack Goncalo, associate professor, organizational behavior, suggests powerful people overestimate their own height.

  • Virtual Meeting

    Virtual office

    HR professors Brad Bell and Chris Collins discuss trends and issues relating to remote workers in ILR webcast.

  • Jamie Freilich

    Courses to careers

    Cornell students say ILR coursework has made disability "part of their world view" and everyday thinking.

ILR in the News

Newsday - Matthew Freedman, Assistant Professor of Labor Economics
"Minimum wage hike gets support from low-paid New Yorkers"

The Courier - Pam Tolbert, Lois S. Gray Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and the Social Sciences
"Auto boom puts pressure on suppliers"

The Wall Street Journal - Louis Hyman, Assistant Professor of Labor Relations, Law and History
"Ten Things Credit Bureaus Won't Tell You"

Dimensions - Laura Hertzog, Director of Human Capital Development Diversity programs
"Driven by a Sense of Public Service"

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ILR Insight: Layaway's Folly

Layaway's Folly:
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