Connor Riser '16


Education, government, leadership

ILR Experience

President, Interfraternity Council
Business Solutions Student Associate, The Madison Square Garden Co.
Intern, Office of the North Carolina Lieutenant Governor
Cornell Sports Business Society
Connor’s internship with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office of North Carolina convinced him to pursue a career in government. “I feel this is a path where I could excel and really make a difference,” he says.

Office of the North Carolina Lieutenant Governor

One of my main focuses within the Office of the North Carolina Lieutenant Governor was policy research. North Carolina wants to expand the use of technology in its public schools, so we were looking to create a virtual online charter school by exploring charter companies that provide these services and looking into starting our own service. My research culminated in a 50-page report in which I recommended two companies, both of which were taken into consideration when crafting the legislation to move forward.

I consider myself fortunate to have attended a great school in North Carolina, but North Carolina as a whole needs a much stronger education system. I think people should have the opportunity to attend great school, whether private, public or charter. In New York State, the public schools are as good as the private schools, but in North Carolina, there’s a huge disparity between the two. I want to find a way to make public schools as good as private schools, and to have better educational access for all.


The best part of the experience was my co-workers in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. The Lieutenant Governor presides over the state senate, and I got to sit in on every session and meet a lot of state senators. People say government officials don’t get things done when they’re in session, but that’s not what I experienced. Many of them work hard, but the main work often goes on behind the scenes. These people want to make a difference in their communities—they care about their hometowns.

The experience gave me a lot of tools that I can use for the future in my role as President of the Interfraternity Council. I learned a lot about how to get legislation passed, and I know that the people who elected me are the ones I’m working for and the ones worth making happy.