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Undergraduate Admissions

Advancing the world of work


You will have the opportunity to study with ILR faculty members who are known and respected throughout the world. By the time you graduate, they will know you well enough to write strong, well-informed recommendations for you as you enter the next phase of your life: law school, a graduate program, or that exciting first job.

Here is a sample of ILR's outstanding faculty.

Martin Wells advising a student

Martin T. Wells
Charles A. Alexander Professor of Statistical Sciences
Chair, ILR Department of Social Statistics

"Statistics is down to earth and practical," he tells students. Breaking down "the stereotype that you have to be a wonderful mathematician to apply statistics" is Professor Wells' greatest challenge with students. What students learn in ILR classrooms about statistics can be applied throughout their careers.

Pam Tolbert teaching a class

Pamela Tolbert
Lois S. Gray Professor in Industrial Relations and the Social Sciences
Chair, ILR Department of Organizational Behavior

"Teaching is highly valued in ILR's culture. Senior faculty members teach introductory courses. It's a real culture of engagement with students. The bar is pretty high here in terms of doing well by your students and showing commitment to their education."

Jefferson Cowie sitting in a dorm lounge

Jefferson Cowie
Professor of Labor Relations, Law and History
House Professor-Dean, William Keeton House

An acclaimed nonfiction book author, historian, and rock climber, Professor Cowie lives with his family in Cornell's West Campus student housing. As the William Keeton House professor-dean, he invites dozens of students into his living room for discussions with scholars, activists, and artists.

Beth Livingston explaining a diagram

Beth Livingston
Assistant Professor of Human Resource Studies
"If you find you are the person who's thinking about the conflict in a group or you're the leader, this is the perfect major for you. You may not even be the appointed leader, but if you're the one who emerges as the person who solves problems, notices which people don't interact well with others, or notices injustices as to who is chosen into the groups, you'll love what you can study at ILR."