Renmin University, China

ILR School and the Renmin University of China Exchange

Students at the ILR School have the option of taking part in the summer exchange with RUC's School of Labor and Human Resources or taking part in the academic year exchange with the Renmin Business School.

Renmin University of China (RUC), initially began as ShanBei Public School in 1937 and gradually evolved into one of the most prestigious research universities in China in 1950. Today RUC specializes in the study of humanities and the social sciences. Currently there are 22 schools of different disciplines, 14 inter-disciplinary research centers, 16 transitional centers for post-doctoral fellows, a School of Continuing Education, a School of Education and Training, the Shenzhen Research Institute, and an International College at RUC. Among the schools are the Renmin Business School, and the School of Labor and Human Resources, which consists of four main departments: the Dept of Labor Economics & Labor Relations, the Dept of Social Security, the Dept of Labor Market, and the Dept of Organization and Human Resources.

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