Research Opportunities in Ithaca, NY

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Academic Year Research Fellows

Academic Research Fellows will have the opportunity to serve as research assistants for faculty members during the academic year. Students participating in this program will be paid per hour up to a maximum rate per semester. Awards will be made on a one semester basis with renewal possible for the second semester. (A student may not earn credit for the project during the period he or she is being paid as a research assistant.)

Summer Research Fellows

Summer Research Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in independent research under faculty members' guidance or serve as research assistants for faculty members during the summer. Students participating in this program will receive summer stipends to cover living expenses during a 10-week period and the summer self-help component of financial aid packages.

Research Opportunities in New York City

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Outreach Summer Fellows

ILR Outreach builds bridges between academic knowledge and challenges large and small, in workplaces and communities, from our own backyard to around the globe. Outreach requires an open and constant exchange of ideas and information. Through our Centers, Institutes and Programs, ILR Outreach is a catalyst for positive change in the world of work and within ourselves.

This is a paid, full-time fellowship in NYC beginning June 5, 2017.  Participants are responsible for their housing accommodations in New York City.

Labor & Employment Law Program (NYC)

The following opportunities will be offered in Summer 2017 in New York City:

ADA and Title VII Remedies: Do They Work? - Using a protocol developed by the Labor and Employment Law Program and the ILR Web Team, and reviewed by ADA and Title VII lawyers and scholars, research fellows will work as part of a team of ILR staff and faculty and employment lawyers to develop and add to database repositories of existing consent decrees and court decisions. Work includes researching multiple sources to find additional consent decrees and cases for inclusion, analyzing and categorizing consent decrees and cases, and working with attorneys and scholars to test and revise protocols and instructions.

Criminal Records Discrimination in Employment - A research fellow is needed to work as part of a team of ILR faculty and employment lawyers to research, plan, and do follow-up on a series of forums, roundtable discussions, conferences, and educational programs  for legislative staff, employers, and workers exploring criminal records and employment discrimination and ways to increase employment of ex-offenders.

Scheinman Institute in NYC

The Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution is part of the ILR School, Extension and Outreach Division in both NYC and Ithaca. The Scheinman Institute provides undergraduate and graduate education and interdisciplinary research focused on conflict resolution in the workplace. The institute’s NYC extension division primary work is delivering training programs for professional development.

The Research Fellow will conduct research and assist Extension faculty.  For more information and application refer to Scheinman Summer Fellows Application NYC 2017_Updated.docx (DOCX, 28 KB). (DOCX, 28 KB)


Worker Institute Summer Fellowships (available in NYC)

At its heart, the Worker Institute views its work as a contribution to reversing the growing inequality, now at historic levels, which undermines the economic and social sustainability of a vibrant democratic society.  The Institute provides the nation’s most comprehensive education, training, research, and organizational support for union leaders and worker advocates.  Worker Institute research fellows will have the opportunity to work directly with ILR labor extension faculty based in NYC. 

The fellowship program’s goal is to provide ILR students with a unique opportunity to contribute to important projects concerning workers and unions, expand their research skills, learn about potential career paths and interact with faculty, labor leaders and other fellows.

This is a paid, full-time fellowship in NYC.  Participants are responsible for their housing accommodations in New York City. Worker Institute Summer Fellows Description and Application Updated.docx (DOCX, 84 KB)


K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability (available in NYC)

School to Work Transition for Youth with Disabilities - Transition from school to work for youth with disabilities requires multi-sectoral approach. Utilizing a randomized trial design, we are exploring factors that lead to improvement in student outcomes. However, we need to understand which organizational factors impact the ability of human service systems to absorb evidence-based practices and how these factors could be modified in a sustainable manner in creating organization climate amenable for innovation within the funding-limited environment of non-profit institutions. The student will work with faculty leads (Arun Karpur and Matthew Saleh) in developing a review of literature that examines organizational factors and will help in developing a short review paper (10 – 15 pages) at the end of their experiences.

Research Opportunities in Buffalo, NY

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The High Road Runs Through the City

Service Learning & Action Research Fellowship in Buffalo, NY, for ILR Students.