Michelle A. Birnbach

HBO, New York City

This semester, as a junior in ILR, I had the incredible opportunity of interning for HBO. Upon seeing their need for a human resources intern, I eagerly jumped at the chance. I couldn’t wait to use my coursework and prior internship experience to help HBO’s talent acquisition team.

My experience was primarily with their talent acquisition team helping to recruit for their summer internship program. My supervisor was adamant about exposing me to all aspects of recruitment, and I learned how to conduct phone and on-site interviews and assess the match of a candidate to our program. This was the most important aspect of the internship experience for me, because I became comfortable interacting with candidates on a one-on-one level. This allowed me to picture myself as a recruiter in the future and also see the recruiting process from the recruiter’s side rather than the candidate’s.

Additionally, I was exposed to all aspects of their talent acquisition process, including recruitment of full-time candidates and on-boarding procedures. I completed offer packages, background checks, and reference checks. This hands-on learning experience complemented my ILR education perfectly and gave me a complete understanding of everything I had learned in class.

Balancing this work with my work on the internship program taught me how to multi-task and work in a large corporate environment. These skills are incredibly necessary to excel in any business environment, and I now feel confident in my ability to work on various projects and meet all appropriate deadlines upon my graduation from ILR.

I would whole-heartedly recommend the Credit Internship Program, and specifically an internship at HBO, to all students interested in pursuing a career in a corporate environment. The experience has helped demonstrate to me just how valuable my ILR education is and how equipped I am to use it going forward.

- Michelle A Birnbach