TATA Telcon

Bangalore, India 

Company Background: 

TATA Telcon is a heavy equipment manufacturer focused on construction equipment.  This is a joint venture with a Japanese manufacturer (Hitachi) and competitors include Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu. This is a heavily unionized company that has tried to avoid layoffs during the recent economic downturn.

Internship will be in the company's corporate headquarters in Bangalore

Job Description:

Projects may include the study of unique programs implemented at Telcon to avoid layoffs.

Telcon engages the unions in all major communications about the firm & Union leaders participate in the TATA Business Excellency Program (TBEM) so they understand the TATA methods of management & excellence & union leaders are viewed as partners.  Student could study how this relationship differs from the US model.

Telcon has a pension fund that is managed by CFO, 2 union resps & 2 company employees.  Intern may study the process of governance in managing these funds, how conflict of interest is avoided, & how funds are invested.  Have moved from defined benefit to defined contribution plan.

Application Procedure:

Inquire with Brigid Beachler and submit resume and cover letter

Stipend Available: