Skills & Employability Department (IFP/SKILLS)

Within IFP/SKILLS, the Equity Issues Group addresses issues concerning equality of opportunity to skills training and work for disadvantaged groups, including youth, persons with disabilities, and older persons.

Working under the direct supervision of the Manager of the IFP/SKILLS Equity Issues Group, and in collaboration with Equity staff, the intern will assist in the preparation of a knowledge base on good practice in employers' and workers' organizations in addressing disability issues in enterprises.  He or she will also assist the finalization of two ILO Guides concerning the respective roles of employers' and workers' organizations in addressing disability issues in enterprises, to support use of the ILO "Code of Practice on Managing Disability in the Workplace," adopted by the ILO Governing Body in 2001.  Specifically, the intern will seek examples of good practice in the recruitment, adjustment, training, promotion, job retention, and termination of workers with disabilities, in public and private enterprises worldwide, in order to enhance the text of the Guides.  He or she will also arrange for the translation of the Guides into French and Spanish, manage their layout, graphic and cover design, and printing, and organize the distribution of the Guides.

The intern would be expected to undertake additional tasks as assigned by the Equity Issues Group Manager, in the area of industrial & labour relations concerning rights and equal opportunities for workers with disabilities in training and employment.