Conditions of Work & Employment Programme

The Conditions of Work and Employment Programme is located within the Social Protection Sector of the ILO.  The programme deals with issues related to working time and work organization, wages and earnings, harassment and violence at work, maternity protection and reconciling work and family responsibilities.  The programme involves the establishment of global data bases, research and advocacy in relation to the ILO conventions in these areas in order to work towards the improvement of working conditions.  The internship would specifically be within the small unite of 2 persons working on work-family issues including maternity protection.

Under the supervision of the Senior Advisor, the interns will work as a research assistant to help in the preparation of documents for publication.  The main document would be on work-family balance, providing ideas and examples of programmes and policies of governments and enterprises which have helped workers to better reconcile work and family responsibilities.  Another document would concern trends in work and family balance in transition countries of Eastern Europe.  Research would involve searching various types of sources including the internet, government reports to the ILO on the implementation of Conventions, correspondence with trade unions or enterprises.  The intern would likely be involved in helping with promoting the ratificartion of the ILO Conventions on Workers with Family Responsibilities (C156) and on Maternity Protection (C183).