Conditions of Work Branch

Social Protection Sector 

The Conditions of Work Branch belongs to the Social Protection Sector of ILO.  We encourage and assist governments, employers' and workers' organizations, through formulation of international labour standards, technical assistance and research, to progressively improve conditions of work and respect for workers' dignity.  The main areas of our work are:

  • Working time and work organization.  Research focuses on comparative international analyses of working time arrangements and trends and the changing organization of work (including implications of technology), at international and firm level in industrial countries and selected developing and transition countries.  Linked to programme on work-family.
  • Reconciling work-family.  Research on implications for men and women workers of national and enterprise-level developments in industrialized countries and selected developing and transition countries.  In addition, surveys are being conducted in selected developing and transition countries.
  • Maternity protection. Working in partnership with ILO's tripartite partners and other concerned groups and organizations, to promote implementation of the new international maternity protection standards and strengthening of maternity protection around the world.
  • Sexual harassment, violence and stress at the workplace:  Developing practical guides to dealing with these serious workplace problems including enterprise-level policies and programmes.
  • Working conditions of unprotected workers.  Taking into account the many challenges faced by workers in small size enterprises and in the informal sector, we are examining possible approaches to address improvements in working conditions, including the adapting of existing training methodologies, "Higher productivity and a better place to work"
  • Workers' privacy, especially with regards to the protection of workers' personal data.  Technological developments, testing, etc. make protection of workers privacy a major concern.

Interns will work under the direct supervision of the Chief of Branch; contribute to the Branch's programme on work in one or more of the above areas. This could involve, in particular:

  • Preparing detailed comments to the authors in different countries of draft national studies on work and family
  • Assisting in expanding comparative analysis of draft publications on working time and work-family
  • Participating in the design and preliminary research for work programme
  • Assisting in the preparation of promotional materials on maternity protection or other working conditions issues
  • Assisting in updating legislation on working time in ILO member States based on specified framework
  • Examining latest developments on workers' privacy