ExcelSoft Technologies

Mysore, India

Company Background:

  • Software corporation with 800 employees
  • Develops software exclusively for education providers & for corporate training and development purposes
  • Provides the platform and learning software for organizations such as the Western Governors Association, Pearson Education, Certiport, etc.

Job Description

  • Opportunities are best suited for highly-engaged & mature students who can work with the firm on HR issues & product development issues
  • Rapidly growing firm and one project could focus on review of the company's HR policies to see how they can be applied to acquired firms without losing the corporate culture and values of the parent firm
  • Conduct a pre and post-acquisition study of HR practices, a study of climate and culture, etc.
  • Product development projects could focus on training and development methods & work on creating new products or testing the efficacy of their existing products designed for corporate training and development purposes


  • Stipend possible
  • Would provide transportation to the office
  • Students would live in the SVYM residence hall