Employers Forum on Disability

London, England

Employers' Forum on Disability is a business driven NGO that makes it easier for business to work with disabled people as employees, customers, and partners.  It is funded and managed by its 370+ members who between them employee almost 20% of the UK workforce and include many leading UK companies.  There are 25 employees who provide enabling tools and services to the members .  This includes running a helpline, conducting research, producing publications, running events, providing tailored membership services, network management as well as PR, administration and accounts.

The Forum's overarching purpose is to enable business to promote the economic and social inclusion of people with disabilities.

We have three potential assignments:

Research into the Single Equality Commission

The UK's disability discrimination legislation is currently under the remit of the Disability Rights Commission.  There are however plans to draw disability, along with gender, race and potentially age and religion into a Single Equality Commission.  This would have considerable impact on the Forum and the assignment would include research into the potential impact of such a body on disabled people, business, and the public sector.  The intern would work closely with the Chief Executive to develop a plan for the research and deliver it.

Risk Assessment for the Forum

Working with the Chief Executive and Publications Manager undertake a risk assessment for the Forum.  This would include looking at current and future risks, such as changes in membership, use of intellectual property, knowledge management, staff turnover, etc.; analyzing where members place most value on services of the Forum and looking at how the organization model might be used/"stolen" by other groups in the UK and abroad.

International Distribution of Publications

"Unlocking Potential" and "Unlocking the Evidence" outline the new disability business case and are two of the Forum's key publications.  The ILO has customized "Unlocking Potential" for an international audience and this assignment would involve looking at how to build on this relationship to increase the international distribution of these publications.  Working with the Publications Manager and representatives from the ILO, the intern would be responsible for developing a marketing plan for these two publications and others across global business and NGO communities.

The Forum would also welcome suggestions for assignments or a combination of the above assignments from students interested in coming to work at the Forum.  Extensive information on the Forum is available from our website.