Tuition and Fees

The estimated tuition for the two-year program is $53,000 (approximately $13,200 per semester). There is no additional tuition for the summer sessions. Tuition does not cover textbooks or housing for the two-week summer sessions in Ithaca.

Financial Aid

MPS students are considered “part-time students” for purposes of financial aid. This means that MPS students carry a minimum of six credits each term and are eligible for federal student loans, which generally offer more favorable terms than loans from commercial banks. 
Cornell University reserves financial assistance in the form of fellowships and assistantships for full-time students, so the ILR School is not able to offer these positions to students enrolled in the part-time MPS program. 

Employer Tuition Benefits

Many employers offer full or partial tuition reimbursement for graduate study. The policies regarding this benefit vary greatly: some employers reimburse the employee at the end of each semester, based on grades earned, while other employers will cover tuition costs up front. The Bursar’s office can help arrange the logistics of direct tuition payment by an employer.


Information on student loans

Tax benefits for education

For Employees of New York City
The MPS/NYC program participates in the Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship Program (MGSP) for employees of the City of New York. Eligible employees may apply through the scholarship program and also must apply and be accepted by the Cornell Graduate School. Successful applicants will receive $2,000 toward tuition charges per semester ($8,000 over the length of the program).
Information on the Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship Program

Please note that the MGSP office accepts applications once per year, while the MPS program accepts new students to begin study during the fall (September start) and spring (January start) semesters. If it is past the deadline to apply to the MGSP, or if you are interested in applying to begin the program in January, please contact the MPS program office to discuss your options.