Fellowships and Financial Support

For detailed tuition information please visit the Office of the Cornell Bursar. Click here for information regarding federal student loans.

The ILR School is able to offer a limited number of fellowships, scholarships, and awards to ILR graduate degree students.

Endowments, Gift & Donations

When available, the ILR School may offer the following endowed and school funded fellowships, scholarships and awards to ILR graduate degree students.

Benjamin R. Miller Memorial Fund - An endowed fund providing awards to deserving ILR graduate students requiring financial support for research activities leading to completion of their theses. Support may be used for travel, maintenance in field, data processing, printing, postage or other expenses incurred in pursuing research.

Boyd and Virginia Ferguson Fellowship – An endowed award for a MILR degree program student.

Cyrus S. Ching Fellowship - A fund endowed in 1956 in honor of Cyrus S. Ching, by his friends to benefit ILR Graduate students based on academic performance, financial need or ability in research.

Dorothy Funt Memorial Fellowship - A merit based scholarship used to award a MILR candidate with interest in the areas of dispute resolution and collective representation. Preference is given to a student who exemplifies the qualities and principles that distinguished Ms. Funt including hard work, perseverance and a positive outlook. The fellowship was established in 1975 to honor the memory of Dorothy Funt, BA '32.

Dorothy Funt was born in Belgium in 1911. Her parents emigrated to the United States in the early 1920s. She attended public schools in New York City and enrolled in Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences in 1928. After graduation she went on to graduate work at New York University with the expectation that she would be a teacher. Instead she was employed by the City of New York in the Department of Social Welfare, where she held a variety of jobs. In 1945 she joined Martin E. Segal Company as an administrative assistant. Her first important assignment was to develop the procedures for the administration of one of the first multi-employer health and welfare funds covering more than 40,000 hotel workers in New York City. She soon became a leading employee benefit consultant who developed some of the early innovative techniques to provide health, disability, and life insurance for workers covered under collective bargaining agreements in a wide variety of industries like baking, trucking, maritime, construction and manufacturing.

Over the years she advanced at the Segal Company to become a Senior Vice President and member of the Board of Directors. She was a brilliant, creative, and caring person. She died shortly after retiring from the Segal Company on September 2, 1974. To honor her memory, Martin E. Segal Company and many of her friends there have endowed this fellowship knowing how deeply she cared about the hopes and aspirations of those just starting their careers.

Eleanor Emerson Fellowship - Used to award an incoming MILR student in the Collective Represnetation (CR) or International & Comparative Labor (ICL) concentration. The recipient of the award will have the opportunity to work closely with resident and extension faculty on research and other projects at the Worker Institute at Cornell. Potential areas of research will be based on the Institute's six initiative groups—International Collective Action, Equity at Work, Labor, Environment and Sustainable Development, Precarious Workers, Public Sector and Strategic Leadership.

Emil and Margaret Mesics Fund - Established in 1994 to help support ILR graduate students who are pursuing study leading to a Masters or PhD degree. The fund may be used for fellowships, teaching, research or extension and special awards including off campus thesis research and summer fellowships.

Frances Perkins (Telluride) Scholarship - The Telluride Association provides room and board to recipients of it's scholarship. ILR offers the Frances Perkins Tuition Scholarship to any ILR student awarded the Telluride Scholarship. For application information, please visit http://www.telluridehouse.org/.

John P. and Althea Halan Scholarship - A fund used to provide financial assistance to deserving students pursuing the MILR degree program.

Lawrence K. Williams Fellowship - Established in 2004, from a generous endowment by former Professor Lawrence Williams, this fellowship provides tuition and stipend for living expenses for the first year of study in the MILR degree program. .

Professor Larry Williams was a valued faculty member of the ILR School for 45 years, and Director of Graduate Studies for 21 years. As a social psychologist with a capital "P," Larry received his BS in Psychology from Tufts University in 1952, his MA from the University of Illinois in 1954, and a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1960.

As Director of Graduate Studies, he served on the committees of over 250 graduate students and acted as chair for more than 70 of them.He also took a personal interest in every student who entered the MILR Program, calling each one of them to tell them of their acceptance to the ILR School. He was described as a "connector." Larry had a special gift for bringing the world together.He mentored junior faculty and offered helpful hints and advice to new faculty, making their first few years on the ILR faculty and at Cornell an easier transition than they thought otherwise.

One of Larry's hobbies was gardening, and he served as the ILR gardener for many years.His love of life was also reflected in the many organizations he supported with his generous contributions of time and money.His reach extended far beyond his official roles.He was famous as a Big Red hockey enthusiast and a diehard Homecoming ILR tailgater.

Professor Williams' devotion to the master's program went beyond what was necessary for the position. His top concern was recruiting the best graduate students in the country.The school was a second home to Professor Williams – its faculty and students a part of his family.

Robert N. Stern Memorial Fund - A fund used to provide financial assistance to deserving students pursuing the MILR degree program.

Sara Gamm Fellowship - Established in 2005 to support graduate students in the ILR School who are pursuing studies leading to a Masters or PhD degree. Students eligible for consideration should come from union, labor or employee association backgrounds and demonstrate interest in pursuing the study of the labor movement or plan to pursue a career in the labor movement. The fund may be used to provide fellowships, assistantships in teaching, research or extension and special awards that may include such activities as off campus thesis research and summer fellowships.

Walter Galenson PhD Fellowship in Labor Economics - An endowed fellowship established in 2000 in memory of Walter Galenson by his family, to support a tuition fellowship for an outstanding entering PhD student in Labor Economics.

In addition to the above endowments and gifts, at times ILR receives corporate donations that may be used to provide financial support for our students.

ILR School Funded

ILR Dean's Tuition Fellowship - Used to award highly qualified applicants to the MILR Degree Program.

ILR Dean's MS/PhD Travel Grants - This fund provides grants to ILR MS and PhD students for travel to conferences at which they have been invited to present a paper, serve on a panel, or attend. Students may apply for this grant once per fiscal year.

ILR Research Assistance Grants - ILR PhD students may apply for a one-time research grant to be used for PhD dissertation or MS thesis research related expenses. To apply for this grant, see Kathy Roberts in 371 Ives Hall.

Teaching and Research Assistantships - A teaching or research assistantship may be available to qualified students after their first semester of study in the MILR Degree Program. The availability of these positions varies and placement is determined by the needs of the school, the professor. An announcement is sent to faculty and students prior to the beginning of each semester.

CAHRS Graduate Assistantships - The Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) hires MILR students as Graduate Assistants. These positions offer second year students, with a concentration in HR, the opportunity to work on high-visibility projects with some of the 50 human resource executives whose companies sponsor CAHRS, under the direction of the CAHRS Director, Managing Director, and the CAHRS Visiting Executive.