Ali ImraniMILR '18

Human Resources & Organizations

St. Paul, MN

Ali Imrani

What is your favorite part of the MILR program?

The MILR program offers rigorous academic experience coupled with recruiting for Fortune 500 companies that clearly recognize the repute of the ILR School and the power of an Ivy League brand. If your goal is to get your dream job in HR at a company that you love to work for, then the MILR is the program for you!       

My Favorite Class

Clearly it was more than one! My favorite classes were Organizational Design and Change, Leadership Theory and Practice, Business Strategy and Finance in HR, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Power and Politics in Organizations. 

What is your favorite part of Ithaca?

Barbecue at Stewart Park (near Cayuga Lake) in the lovely Ithaca summer!

What advice would you give a prospective student?

You would need to stretch yourself and be organized if you want to make the most out of this program. The MILR program is two years packed with top-notch HR knowledge, tons of recruiting and networking events, a dedicated domestic and international student association, opportunities for a semester abroad, a collaborative cohort, and opportunities to work as a TA or RA with the school's faculty and much more. As someone truly said, “You miss all the shots that you don’t take,” so make sure you leverage the program to the fullest!

What was your internship location and company?

Pre-MILR Internship: GE Aviation, McAllen, Texas

MILR Summer Internship: Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey

More About Ali

Job placement post-graduation: HRLDP-HR Business Partner, Ecolab