Course Descriptions and Class Roster

ILR Course Descriptions and Schedules

Fall 2015

Fall 2015 - Updated Course Descriptions


Spring 2016

Cornell University Class Roster - provides University-wide course descriptions and offering information for the current semester

    Points to keep in mind when planning your schedule:

    Upperclassmen have the opportunity to register in some graduate courses and seminars providing that they meet the prerequisites of the course.

    Students registering for courses listed as limited and/or permission of the instructor required must receive approval from the instructor before submitting course request through Course Enroll.

    All 5000, 7000 and 9000 level courses in ILR are open only to graduate students.

    Graduate students are eligible to register in 4000-level courses listed in the undergraduate section. They may register for other undergraduate courses with their advisor's approval.  If approved as part of graduate degree requirements, graduate students are encouraged to meet with the instructor to discuss content and any special requirements of the course.

    A number of ILR courses are open to registrants from other colleges. Permission of the instructor is often required, and approval needs to be granted before registering for the course.

    Questions concerning course offerings should be directed to the Office of Student Services.