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Academic Degree Programs

The ILR School offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. More than 780 students are enrolled in undergraduate study. The graduate program, one of the largest in the university, enrolls more than 210 students. Students study in modern, state-of-the-art lecture halls, seminar rooms and libraries.

We offer the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Undergraduate students select ILR courses from Collective Bargaining, Labor Law, and Labor History; Human Resource Studies; International and Comparative Labor Relations; Labor Economics; Organizational Behavior; and Social Statistics. Students also supplement their studies with elective courses in other colleges of the university. Upperclassmen may elect to take a for-credit internship away from campus, spend a semester abroad, or pursue individually directed study.

Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR)

Students in this two-year program gain knowledge in all aspects of the field of Industrial and Labor Relations and specialize in specific functional areas. They take courses in six departments - Collective Bargaining, Labor Law, and Labor History; Organizational Behavior; International and Comparative Labor; Human Resource Studies; Social Statistics; and Labor Economics -- and can specialize in one of five concentrations: Human Resources & Organizations, Collective Representation, Dispute Resolution, Labor Market Policy, or International and Comparative Labor. Most MILR students complete a paid internship between their first and second years. Some MILR students elect a five-year, joint degree program MILR /MBA in collaboration with the Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Master of Professional Studies (MPS)

ILR's MPS students are individuals who are already practitioners and want to retool or redirect their efforts to a specific competency. It's an unstructured program that requires a research project. The Ithaca-based program is residential; our New York City-based progam is targeted to fully employed professionals in the New York area.

Master of Science (MS)

The ILR Master of Science candidates are pursuing academic or research careers in human resources or labor relations. Most will continue on to receive a Ph.D. Most have majored in the social sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The ILR PhD candidates have received advanced academic training in the social sciences, generally in one or more of the following fields: anthropology, economics, government, history, psychology, sociology, and statistics. Most have a master's degree in a subject related to their intended program.

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