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Joseph Bazler, Ms/PhD

Joseph Bazler, Ms/PhD

Joe Bazler is currently a PhD student in the Department of International & Comparative Labor at Cornell University’s ILR School. He studies unions and politics in Latin America, specifically the interactions between union leaders and governments. His most recent research has been on the changing dynamics of unions in Mexico, but he has also studied labor and left governments in Latin America. Though unions have historically been institutions that mobilize workers in favor of a political party, in the recent era some political parties have abandoned their allies in labor, and many have at least altered their relationship with labor allies. Joe is interested in the new dynamics of political mobilization for workers, and how unions reposition themselves to continue to be relevant both to workers and in politics.

Joe earned a BA in History and a BA in Economics from Bellarmine University, in Louisville, KY. He subsequently earned a MA from the University of Chicago, and his master's thesis focused on cross-border labor alliances between unions from Mexico and the United States.

- Joseph Bazler, Ms/PhD