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Sample default table

Project ID Description Participants
LDI Labor Force Grant LDI-06-2015 Statistics of the US labor force Lars Vilhuber
ICS Compensation Study ICS-04-2014 Compensation in the workplace Linda Barrington
Precarious Workforce Initiative WI-10-2012 Labor rights and socioeconomic studies Sally Alvarez
EDI Research Grant EDI-09-2009 Disability policy, practice and research Bill Erickson, David Brewer


Sample views table

Course name Date
ICS400 - Beyond Base Pay - Using Incentives to Drive Performance TBD
ICS401 - Executive Compensation, and Key Talent and Superstar Pay for Performance TBD
ICS402 - Evaluating Performance-Based Compensation Programs: Tools and Techniques TBD
ICS403 - Optimizing Pay for Performance and Managing Compensation Change TBD