Book Descriptions

Promote a single book or a list of books.
Where: Books by the ILR Press


A promo is used to highlight news, a special event, a faculty member, a student, a project or group. The promo must include a high quality photo as well as a link to the item which will be highlighted.
Where: ILR home page, Worker Institute



Temporary element placed on the page to draw attention to a program, upcoming date, new white paper, etc. Include a heading, a brief description and a link to the item you are highlighting. Colors for this element may vary based on the sub site where it is implemented.

Honeycomb - cards
A honeycomb is a group of teasers displayed as cards or thumbnails. A block honeycomb is used when you want to limit the number of teasers. A masonry honeycomb is used when the number of teasers is large yet unknown.
Where: ILR home page, ILR at 70

Honeycomb - thumbnails
Positioning a honeycomb of cards above a honeycomb of thumbnails can establish priority of content on the page.
Where: News, Alumni


ILR videos are uploaded to YouTube, then a link is added to the video on the web page. At this time ILR has only one YouTube account.
Where: ILR home page, Alumni, ILR Online