Icons and Social Sharing


Icon layout on an established grid

Icons are created using an established grid. Using the grid allows for icons to have the same size throughout the ILR website.

Padding between icons has a specific width. This padding is added through styles and should not be altered manually.

Social sharing icons in content
The size of social sharing icons is based on an icon font with a font size of 19px. All social sharing icons should be created using this font and not be added as images.

Sharing icons used in content are framed in circles using a specific diameter and border width. The circle and border are added through styles. The background color for the circle is the actual color used in the social network's brand.

The ILR web site should have a consistent look and markup to all of its icons. One-off implementations like the ones below should be avoided.

Social sharing icons in footer

Twitter Feed

Departments are encouraged to use the ILR School's main twitter feed. Accounts must be created for individual department feeds.
Where: Scheinman Institute, ICS