Self Managed Cornell Device - PC

ComputerDisclaimer: All of the information contained here is available on the Internet; we are simply collecting it all in one place for the sake of convenience.

This information is provided by ILR Technology Services (ILRTS) as a free and unsupported service. If you choose to follow these instructions, you do so at your own risk.

As the user and/or owner of a computer or laptop that is primarily used off-campus, there are several tasks you should do on a regular basis to help keep your system functioning properly, maintain its security, and prevent data loss. They include:

Run your system as a USER. Run as a system ADMINISTRATOR only when it is necessary to install new hardware or software.
Use a backup strategy to ensure the ability to recover data in the event of a hard disk failure or other file system damage.
Enable and maintain proper functioning of antivirus software.
Apply security updates and operating system patches to prevent the system from becoming compromised by the increasing number of security threats.
Apply spyware and adware detectors.
Use secure passwords for both user and administrator accounts.

The majority of the information contained within the above listed pages can also be found in our Security How-To document which is available for download (PDF, 400 KB).