Remote Access Overview

Most remote access services require that you start by connecting to the ILR departmental VPN using Two-Step Authentication.  

Here is an overview of the procedure:

  1. On a managed ILR PC or Mac, open the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client
    NOTE: If necessary, install the client following the instructions for Installing the VPN client...
  2. Follow instructions to connect to the VPN using Two-Step authentication:
      1. "Group" = Two-Step_Login
      2. Username = yournetid@IL-VPN (case sensitive, e.g. jpb6@IL-VPN)
      3. Password = yournetid password (same as Cornell email)
      4. Duo Passcode = passcode# from Duo app or token, or type the word "push", "sms" or "phone" to indicate your preferred prompt for two-step
      5. Press OK
      6. Approve Duo authorization request
    1. You should see a "connection established" message in your system tray (cisco icon near the clock) in lower right corner)

    Once connected to the VPN a variety of services are available; the most common are:

    • Automatically syncronize/backup the files your Documents folder
    • RemoteApp for accessing Filemaker, SDC, EMS and other centrally managed applications (currently supported on Windows computers only)
    • Remote Desktop Connection for accessing your ILR computer remotely
    • Remote File Access using Web Folders

    Important Notes

    • To reconnect to the VPN in the future, you can use the instructions above or right-click the Cisco AnyConnect icon in the system tray and click Connect.