Microsoft Office

In order to work with the same document formats as your PC-using coworkers, you will need to install Microsoft Office 2016 on your Mac. Microsoft Office for Mac is free for faculty and staff.

On that page, find the link to Office for Macintosh 2016 and click on it. You may be required to supply your NetID and NetID password.

Once the file is downloaded, proceed with the following steps.

1. Open the Microsoft Office installer you downloaded from your downloads location.

Downloaded installer on dock

2. Double click the "Office Installer" icon at the center of the window.

3. Follow the instructions on the installation wizard to complete the setup.

4. When the installer finishes, you may close the window. Notice the new Office icons in your Dock.

Microsoft Office icons on dock

5. Select "yes" when asked to Keep Office for Mac up to date and "no" when asked to Join the customer Experience Improvement Program.

6. To activate your Office license, connect to a Cornell network via ethernet cable or EDURoam wireless if you are on campus, or via the Cornell VPN if you are off campus.  Detailed instructions are on our remote access page.