ILR Templates

ILR School templates have been produced to support day-to-day communications tasks and make it possible to do simple design work for correspondence, presentations, and events quickly and easily.

Use of the templates will help ensure that the ILR School conveys a consistent and quality visual image. If you have suggestions for other template designs or need help creating one, please contact Jenn Morley at

What you should know about the templates:

  • The templates are guidelines for proper use of ILR visual identity elements.  However, there is flexibility in placement of text and photos.
  • When completing a piece using a template, simply drop in text, save and e-mail the document, or print in hard-copy format using your office printer or digital printing services.
  • When printing in house, there will be a narrow white border around the edge of the page. The templates have been designed this way to ensure that color, type and other elements are graphically balanced.
ILR Templates
DOC Letterhead, department only
DOC Letterhead, name and department
PSD | PPT Fact sheet/simple flyer
DOC Fax cover sheet
DOC Name badge, option 1
DOC Name badge, option 2
PSD | PPT One page event poster/flyer, option 1
PSD | PPT One page event poster/flyer, option 2
PSD | PPT Trifold flyer option 1
PSD | PPT Trifold flyer option 2
PPT PowerPoint