ILR Logos

You can download the new ILR design elements and logos here in a variety of formats.

What Version to Use: EPS or JPG

Designers tend to prefer using an EPS file. If you are working with a designer, direct him or her to either this site or Cornell's identity page to get the preferred file.

For those who are non-designers or who have basic design skills, jpg files are probably easier to use for simple design projects.

To download an EPS, click on the link and save to your desktop. NOTE: if you are using Internet Explorer, you may save a file to your computer by right clicking on the desired format, and selecting 'Save Target As...'

To download a jpeg, right click on the logo and choose 'Save Image (or Picture) As...'

ILR Logo Downloads
EPS Cornell ILR School black and white logo
EPS Cornell ILR School black and red logo
EPS ILR School brand without angle
EPS Cornell ILR School white on red logo