ILR Identity, Logos and Templates


Updated university visual identity guidelines now give schools, colleges and units more creative and design flexibility in using visual identity elements.

Use of the Cornell ILR lockup

Cornell ILR red and black logo

  • on stationery and business cards
  • in the banners at the top of ILR web pages NOTE: This may change if new CU ILR lockup is accepted

Use of updated ILR visual identity element

In printed materials (brochures, magazines, newsletters, etc.), you are not required to use the lockup.

University guidelines now give us flexibility to showcase the school name on its own and highlight Cornell University elsewhere, but prominently, in the design.

In these cases, you can design your publication using the updated ILR visual identity elements:

ILR School brand with angle

This can be placed in the top left corner on a front cover. When the element is being used in this way, the Cornell insignia and name should be displayed, centered (preferably), at the bottom of the publication’s front cover. Download examples

If you decide to use the lockup or another text treatment on a front cover, we recommend placing the new angled element on the back cover, either in the upper left corner or bottom right corner. Download examples

ILR School brand without angle

If the above angled logo does not work well for your publication, you can also use the straight version at either the top or bottom of your design (examples coming soon).

ILR visual identity elements that should NOT be used:

ILR School brand and CU logo with angle

The university has now mandated that the Cornell logo cannot be placed on an angle, so this is being phased out. As you launch new publications and design projects, please refrain from using this treatment.

Lowercase "ilr." We started phasing this out two years ago when we introduced the treatment shown above. Please remove this from email signatures and refrain from using in new publications and communications materials.

Cornell Logo

Cornell logo

The Cornell logo should appear prominently in all communication materials created by the university and its units. To accommodate the technical needs of various media, there are several official versions of the Cornell logo. For more information, please see the Cornell logo use guidelines.

ILR and Unit Signatures

ILR single line signature

For ILR's signature, please use "ILR School" instead of "New York State School of Industrial Relations" or "School of Industrial and Labor Relations." The signature should be presented in the Palatino type font.

New university guidelines are requiring that only schools, colleges and specified units (such as the Cornell Library) can use a signature under the Cornell name within the Cornell lockup. The guidelines ask that departments, programs, centers and institutes using signatures no longer use those signatures on a third line.

ILR double line signature

For those departments, programs, centers and institutes currently using a signature under the ILR School name, you should begin to think about ways to phase out that signature in a reasonable time frame and to present the name of your program, center or institute using a different text treatment. Please contact Joe Zappala with questions about signatures.

Unit Logos or Non-Cornell Logos

The university discourages creation and use of logos or special marks other than the Cornell University insignia.

However, the updated guidelines do allow for creation of a text treatment to visually identify your program, center or institute, as long as you continue to feature the Cornell name and Cornell/ILR lockup prominently in design materials. Consult with ILR Communications & Marketing should you want to consider creating a text treatment. Download examples

When appropriate, logos of non-Cornell partner institutions may be used in Cornell communication materials, as long as the Cornell logo's safety area is maintained (such as funding or research partners).


ILR does not have preferred or signature colors. For two-color materials you produce, we recommend using Cornell's primary colors (red, white, gray). For other color choices, you can refer to the university's recommendations on secondary colors . Consult with your designer or ILR Communications & Marketing on color options and choices.

Type Selections

ILR's new visual identity element – the ILR School name angled and stacked on the Advancing the World of Work tagline – should generally appear using the Anomoly type font. If Anomoly is not available, a second choice is Arial.

Cornell has two preferred university type fonts or styles: Palatino and Frutiger. Palatino is the preferred primary typeface, and Frutiger is the preferred secondary typeface. If your computer does not already have Palatino or Frutiger installed, you can purchase them from Linotype.

For questions about type fonts, please contact Jenn Morley.

For main text you are creating — for a business letter, report, news release, PowerPoint presentation, manual, or other day-to-day tools — you should use a typeface that is clean and easy to read. Times Roman and Arial are generally good choices. For more complex design pieces (brochures, magazines, invitations, etc), you should work with a designer to make the most graphically pleasing and appropriate decisions, keeping in mind university and ILR School guidelines.

Preferred Printing Vendors

Graphic Communications International Union logo

It is recommended that every publication produced for ILR be printed by a union printer, and the union bug appear somewhere on the piece.

Arnold Printing (607) 272-7800 or Cornell Digital Print Services (60) 255-2524 are approved Cornell printers. Both are union printers and have permission to use Cornell bond with the watermark. Districts can choose to use their own local union printer, but these printers cannot use the watermark.

If you have questions about printing companies or need assistance, you can contact Joan Roberts, (607) 255-2758 or Jenn Morley, (607) 255-7710.


Use the template of your choice from the ILR design templates page to insert your personal information on either an electronic version or on pre-printed letterhead.

If you currently have a supply of letterhead printed with "School of Industrial and Labor Relations," please exhaust that supply.

ILR letterhead can be ordered from Arnold Printing or Cornell Print Services.

Letterhead must have the union bug printed in the lower-right corner. All ILR School printed materials should include the union bug.

All Cornell letterhead includes this statement on the bottom of the page: "Cornell University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action educator and employer."

Business Cards

We recommend using one of the two business card formats shown here:

Business card example 2

  • This is the same business card format; the example on the right shows how to include your department or unit, should you wish to do so.
  • There are no restrictions on paper selection for business cards. You may select a paper or stock that you like best.
  • The Cornell University logo is the only logo permitted on business cards.
  • ILR prefers that you use Arnold Printing, (607) 272-7800, or Cornell Digital Print Services, (607) 255-2524 (both union shops). Districts can use any of your local union printers.
  • The union bug must be printed in the lower-left corner.


Please use the fax cover page template included in the ILR design templates page.

E-mail Signatures

For consistency across the ILR School, please use one of the e-mail signature formats shown here.

Version 1

First Name Last Name | Title, Department
ILR School, Cornell University
Address, Ithaca, New York 14853

Phone: 607.255.xxxx | Fax: 607.255.xxxx| Email:
Visit our Website | Like Us on Facebook | Contact Us

Version 2

First Name Last Name
Title, Department

ILR School, Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853
t. 607.255.xxxx
f. 607.255.xxxx

Advancing the World of Work

It is preferred that you do not use script or other type styles, and that you do not incorporate other colors or additional text into the signature.

Create an e-mail signature

To create a signature, do the following:

  1. From the Home tab (in Outlook), choose New E-mail. A blank email will appear.
  2. Click on the Signature icon at the top of your message and choose signatures from the menu. The signatures and stationary window should come up. Choose New and type a name for your signature.
  3. Enter your signature text (copy from above) in the signature window.
  4. Click OK, and your signature will be saved.

ILR Merchandise

  • The guidelines for Cornell and ILR logo usage are a little more flexible here.
  • Please see AdMinders for ILR products.
  • Merchandise must be union made or union printed.
  • Contact Lori Biechele, ILR Communications, with questions.

PowerPoint Templates

Please use the PowerPoint design template included on the ILR design templates page.

Web Guidelines

Please contact David DeMello for web guidelines.