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An Interview with Dale Walter 

Dale Walter 

“Being a man is no different from being a woman.  If you take the gender out of it, we’re all human beings whether we’re male or female.  We need to learn relationships, we need to learn responsibility to each other and respect and dignity.  To me, that’s the whole thing—respect and dignity.”

“I think it comes from way back in all of our cultures.  The he-man, the weak woman, that kind of stuff.  There are probably hundreds of theories out there but movies are made like that.  You don’t sell it unless there’s a real strong muscular guy with a weak lady.”

“I think a lot of men are of that mindset of ‘they have to be the strong guy’ only because they’re not strong enough and give up and understand that it’s not the strength of the fist, it’s the strength of the heart that counts.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a man having feelings, crying, or getting mad.  We all get mad, we all have emotions and I think it’s a true sign of weakness when they can’t open up their heart.”