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Institute for Compensation Studies™

273 Ives Faculty Building, 607-255-4424

Students at ICS

Students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds are engaged in research through the ICS. Some of the current ICS students and their areas of research interest are included here.

Student Degree Program Research Project
Hanna Blunden ILR '16 Pet Friendly Workplace
Christine Gabrellian ILR '15 Judicial Salaries
Crystal Lee MILR '15 Superstar Pay
Nicolas Lozano ILR '16 Illinois Salary Survey
Michael Major ILR '17 Compensation in nonprofits
Shu Miao MILR '16 Superstar Pay
Theresa Ra ILR '17 Technology and Employment / Employment Situation
Carly Villa ILR '17 Historical forestry salary survey
Wenhai Yang A&S '15 Mental Health and the Labor Market