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November 7 2013

ICS Exec Director presents to CWEALF on pay gap

The Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund (CWEALF) focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) jobs at a recent roundtable on women and labor issues. CWEALF invited ICS Executive Director, Linda Barrington, to launch the roundtable by presenting data on the gender pay gap nationally and in Connecticut, as it relates to women's representation in STEM jobs.

The roundtable was co-sponsored by the Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund (CWEALF), the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) and the United States Department of Labor Women's Bureau. Jacqueline Cooke, Regional Administrator of the USDOL Women's Bureau facilitated the discussion. Patrick Flaherty, Economist at the CT Department of Labor presented data on job growth and women's labor force participation in Connecticut. Connecticut Commissioners of the Departments of Economic and Community Development, Catherine Smith, and Labor, Sharon Palmer, also attended. Other roundtable participants included women business leaders and academics in technology and medicine.

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